Brand Experience Design

To effectively build our client’s brand and create a fully-integrated brand management plan, we work on building the foundation for building and developing the brand. We do this by understanding measurable results to date, reviewing specific industry developments and issues that impact growth of the business and doing extensive market research to understand new trends. Our process for building a brand strategy centres on:

  • Developing the core elements of the brand
  • Defining what the brand is intended to represent
  • Outlining key business objectives
  • Reaffirming target audiences and product/service offerings
  • Identifying key differentiators and competitive advantages
  • Connecting brand positioning to desired business outcomes

Building on a foundation of careful research and defined business objectives, we at Studio AUM develop innovative brand strategies that work. Our brand strategy helps align internal and external perceptions about our client’s brand and creates a framework to address critical issues among their business, their employees and their target market.

Brand Implementation

Creating lasting brand equity that breaks the clutter needs unbound creativity that is backed by in-depth consumer research and media prowess. Great brands are simple, understandable expressions of a company’s intention, whose stories must allow consumers to participate in the edification and re-creation of the brands themselves. We at Studio AUM, work with our clients to create such simple yet powerful brand identities, communication and marketing strategies that deliver consistently and create lasting impressions. Whether it is a new company looking to enter the market, an existing company that is looking to service new clientele or a company that is looking to re-energize their brand, we work with them to create strategies and identities that will put them on an upward trajectory and help them build and strengthen their brand strategy. We engage in physical application of the brand identity across all visual identity carriers which include signage, uniforms, liveries and branded merchandise.

Brand Maintenance

We recognize that a large part of the success of building and maintaining a successful brand comes from helping our client’s gain the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and implement the strategic brand management plan on their own. But we also understand that walking away after building the strategy is not the most optimal way of maintaining brand since in needs periodic review and collaboration. We at Studio AUM, have worked to build an alternative model that strives to achieve the right balance of support and independence. Our specially tailored brand maintenance programs give our clients:

  • Ongoing access to our strategists and their thinking
  • Chance to stay abreast of changes in their business and the results of their planned efforts
  • Quarterly team review meetings to discuss the brand management plan, making any adjustments or modifications necessary

This is extremely critical since a brand management plan is never static and needs to be flexible enough to adjust to changes in the industry and in the marketplace. Our commitment to our client’s success extends beyond the plan, without forcing co-dependencies is clearly demonstrated in this model.