Design thinking is critical to our problem solving approach.

The methodology commonly referred to as design thinking is a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol that any business or profession can employ to achieve extraordinary results.

We at Studio AUM use design thinking approach to transform the way products, services and experiences are developed, the way they are strategized, designed, and marketed. This is an approach that combines the designer’s sensibilities and methods to arrive at solutions that are commercially viable, technologically feasible and more efficient.

As a part of design thinking, we highly value abductive thinking, along with more traditional inductive and deductive thinking. This style of thinking is critical to our creative problem solving approach. It can be applied to all components of business and can be embodied as an effective and measureable competitive advantage.

Herbert Simon, in the “Sciences of the Artificial” (MIT Press, 1969) has defined “design” as the “transformation of existing conditions into preferred ones” (p. 55). Design thinking is, then, always linked to an improved future. Unlike critical thinking, which is a process of analysis and is associated with the 'breaking down' of ideas, design thinking is a creative process based around the 'building up' of ideas. There are no judgments in design thinking. This eliminates the fear of failure and encourages maximum input and participation. Wild ideas are welcome, since these often lead to the most creative solutions.

Simon goes on to describe a seven step process: Define, Research, Ideate, Prototype, Choose, Implement, Learn.

Whether the protocol is outlined in a seven, four or even three stage process, see – shape – build, it all comes from the same place a proven method that always delivers. And it doesn't matter what opportunity or problem is put into the front end of the process.

Design thinking is a repeatable process employing unique and creative techniques which yield guaranteed results -- usually results that exceed initial expectations.

Extraordinary results that leapfrog the expected. This is why we believe it is such an attractive, dynamic and important methodology for businesses to embrace today.